It was so hard not to put our handprints and initials in it.

They poured the driveway today! They put the cupboards in while we were gone! They did some painting! They made real stairs! They put bathroom vanities in! They trimmed the windows!

A lot got done while we were gone and I was stoked to see the progress when we returned from the North. Mom and Dad are in town and Donnie K was in his element yesterday doing an "inspection" for us. He had his flashlight out. He was looking in every nook and cranny. He saved the best for last--the attic space. Dad has given his seal of approval which is so important to us. It's hard enough making these big life decisions for the first time--it's so nice to have so many people around us with experience that can help guide us through it. Mom loves the house too and the location, so I'm hoping they'll be down for many visits.

We found a number of things to address during our inspection yesterday, but by noon today all of them had been pointed out to the supervisor and we have been reassured that it will all be taken care of. Most of the things we pointed out have already been spotted and he had a plan of action already in mind. It was very reassuring and Ted and I felt that our concerns were well addressed and that our input was welcomed. Everything is still on track for a January 30th closing. Hardwood floors go in tomorrow (this is my favorite part) and I can't wait to see what they look like. The cabinets and countertops are in but are covered for the painting and dusty. Just picture them all sparkly and clean! The windows look great all trimmed out and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the doors in place.

So, we're getting there! There is much to be done by the end of the month, but I'm so excited that it seems like it will be a cinch to pack up all of my junk and move it and unpack it and afford the mortgage and pay the bills. Remind me of that when I'm stressing and pulling my hair out...

Ted chit chats about how excited he is

Master Bathroom vanity

Doors, doors everywhere but not-a-one to close

Kitchen with cupboards!

Remember, imagine it sparkly!

View of the fabulous new front walk and driveway

Seriously. So hard not to write my name in that. Ted dared me and I was a chicken.

Besides, this dude totally would have yelled at me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that dude woulda TOTALLY yelled at you .... in Spanish.

Weazie said...

Yo Hablo.

mindy said...

Wow - looking good! Amazing progess, and your kitchen cabinets are a great color.

I say it's your house - if you want handprints, you should have handprints! Though, you'd have to explain to the next owners that no, they weren't left by some disrespectful hoodlum from the neighborhood. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it E! I can't wait to come visit. Please be sure to have a spare bedroom for Jenna and Buffy :)


Beekeebear said...

I agree with Mindy. It's your own damn driveway! Mark your territory!

Oye, chica! Vete! Vete!