So Close!

We had our walk-through and orientation yesterday. We went through all of the appliance warranties and basically learned about all of the important things that those of you in the "homeowners club" know about. Where to turn off the water if we need to. Where the sewer access spots are. How to run the thermostat. Not to be alarmed if water drips from the condensation pipe. You know, those old chestnuts. They also gave us a list of all of the names and numbers of electricians, plumbers, etc that worked on the house. We then walked through the entire house and marked any paint touch up spots that need to be completed with green tape. We turned on faucets and checked outlets. We climbed up into the attic and learned about the furnace. It was quite fun and informative. Our realtor (and friend) came and gave it a once-over as well. There are some touch ups to be done inside, but otherwise everything looks great. They have some landscaping details to finish as well, but he pulled up while we were there to get that taken care of. We have our final walk-through on Monday and everything mentioned above will be completed by then. We close on Tuesday at 3. We move very, very early the next day. The packing is going very well and we will have it all completed by the end of the weekend. The excitement is reaching a new level, if that's even possible!

Lunch in the kitchen we almost own!

Some touch up areas

Finishing the landscaping

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mindy said...

Let the countdown begin!!!

When is it safe to send a housewarming gift to your new address? ;)