Happy Fall!


Eilis, Ted, and Brind'Amour
Giant 8 Week Old Baby

Grandma B.

Thanks to Maggie for spending two weeks with us and watching the boy while I transitioned back to work. They've been two peas in a pod...



Ted's Step-Mom Maggie is in town watching the boy while we work and she still can't get over seeing Ted as a Dad. We've been documenting a bit to show his father, 'cause apparently he won't believe it either.


First Wedding Anniversary

Teddy and I were married one year yesterday! We celebrated by having a nice dinner at The Melting Pot, which is where Ted proposed. It was a great evening...and we both had chocolate fondue for the first time, which rocked our worlds. It's been a wonderful first year...

The Threesome

My Love and I

A shout out to Geri for saving the cake for us in her freezer all year!

Enjoying some wedding cake...it was actually really good still!


Back To Work.

I'm back at work today and thinking of the wee one. I took two pictures of him last night to print out and bring to work, but then I forgot to print them. So I'll post them so I can look at him. I miss him, but it's good to be back at work and using my brain. Thanks again to Grandma B for coming to town to watch him!


Making Up For Slacking.

As The Boy is getting bigger he spends less time sleeping during the day and I haven't been posting as regularly...but today I'm making up for it with some extra posts. Enjoy!

The Professional Sleeper: A Boy After My Own Heart

Make sure you've got your volume up!


Diary of a Snuggler.

Ted's family was in town this weekend and Brind'Amour was in snuggle heaven. As you'll see, he slept most of the weekend and was quite content! Thanks to Grandma Pam, Great Grandma Norma, and Great Aunt Patti for coming to visit and keeping the boy occupied!

Four Generations


The One Month Old Boy.

Brind'Amour was a month old on October 4th and we celebrated by packing him in the car and forcing him to sleep for hours on end as we drove to NY. He was a trooper though and we had a riot. Ted played in his alumni lacrosse game at Morrisville on Saturday...the old fogies beat the young whipper snappers 5-4!

Teddy in action

A picture with my favorite lacrosse player

Then it was a family fun-fest with a party at Ted's sister's house on Saturday and a party at my Mom's house on Sunday. Brind'Amour got to meet oodles of family members and had a great time snuggling with anyone that would have him.

With Grandpa B

With his cousin Amanda

Snuggling with Aunt Erin

With Great Aunt Mary

With Great Aunt Millie

Happy One Month Birthday Buddy! Thanks for letting us sleep! You're the best.



The boy and I are up and out of bed earlier than "usual" today. I've got a lot I want to get done, but it seems Mr. Lazy Bones is wishing we were back in bed...