Okay, here goes. I got tagged by Mindy, which means I need to list five things that people don't know about me. Most of you reading this know me pretty well, but I'll try to dig into my stash of secrets to keep in interesting. Stop me if you've heard this...

1. I got beat up on the school bus when I was in elementary school. This girl Lynnette hated my guts. I think I said something about her mom going to jail for forging checks. Anyway, she hated me and threated to beat me up for weeks. On the bus that day she sat in my seat pretending she wanted to be friends. Then she started pulling my hair and trying to smother my face in the seat. At one point she was sitting on my head and was trying to suffocate me, so I pinched her butt to make her get off. She howled (I pinched pretty hard) and the bus driver intervened shortly afterwards. I lied and told the principle she punched me in the face, but I don't think she ever did. I was an angel and she was a punk from the wrong side of the tracks, however, and so she got in trouble for the fight. After that I used to wear a special shirt every Friday to school. It made me feel tough and I thought of it as my fighting shirt. I didn't get in anymore fights, but I would be mean to people on Fridays because if I got yelled at by the bus driver he would forget by Monday and I wouldn't get in any real trouble. I loved that shirt.

2. I'm terrified of fire (especially things exploding) and electricity. My house burned down when I was young and I've been electrocuted twice, so that might have something to do with it. Sometimes I get really scared and won't even plug things in. I'm not sure if I've made Ted plug anything in for me yet (I've been pretty tough so far), but he has seen me freak out about fire.

3. I can't bite my nails because it hurts my teeth too much. I hate long nails though, so regularly cut them super short. I recently saw a picture of me in middle school with long fingernails, however, so I'm not sure when this started.

4. I hate nickels. They are ugly. I used to throw them out, but my mom noticed our jars of spare change that we are saving to cash in on a rainy day and noted that I must not hate nickels anymore. I do still hate them and use them first whenever possible to get rid of them. I do, however, realize the value of money these days.

5. After I got engaged I almost went off the road a couple of times because I was admiring my ring while driving.

I'm supposed to tag five people now, but don't have any other friends with blogs who haven't done this. So I invite you all to write your five secrets in the comments!


Beekeebear said...

Mine are up at Purlescent

1. I am generally not intimidated by the opposite sex. But there was a time and a place in history that I was—camp. Growing up, we had a camp: a permanent campsite in a campground on the shores of Lake Ontario. Many other families had these sites there as well, so there was an entire set of kids I'd see each summer without fail. There was one boy there who was so cute I couldn't even bring myself to talk to him. One day, my cousin Amber and I wrote him a note (yes, this was in about fifth grade I think) in rainbow colors (each line was a different color of the rainbow). We didn't even have the balls to take it up to the door of his camper. Instead, we walked by his camper several times, finally pretended to have a small fight in which she threw my soda bottle. When I went to pick it up, I surrepticiously dropped the note (probably a good thirty feet from his camper) on the lawn and we high-tailed it out of there. He never did talk to me or dance with me at any of the camp dances. I wonder where he is today, and whether or not he still has the same classic 1990 mullet.

2. I was an uberdork when I was little. I used to get yelled at by my mom for reading. I would be reading when I was supposed to go to sleep. I would be reading when I was supposed to be doing homework. I couldn't even just sit and eat my breakfast in the morning, I had to have a cereal box or milk carton to read. My favorites were The Chronicles of Narnia, the entire set of Laura Ingalls books, Babysitter's Club, and of course Sweet Valley Twins.

3. One time in T-ball, this kid named Billy (who was later my friend's boyfriend in high school—small town) told me my team sucked. It was just your typical trash talk. But I didn't realize that. I almost cried. Actually, I might've cried a little. I was so hurt. Why did he think my team sucked?! We didn't! It still hurts a little.

4. I secretly watch bad TV. When the Significant Other isn't home, I will sometimes flip over to MTV and watch "My Super Sweet 16" or "Real World" or something of the like. He makes fun of me. I can't help myself. It's so trashy and delicious! I remember watching the whole season of "Real World" that Trishelle was on and it was so trashy, I actually felt dirty and guilty for what they were doing—and all I was doing was watching it!

5. My first kiss was atrociously horrible and turned me off from kissing for years and years. I wasn't ready to do it. I didn't want to do it. I felt pressured into it. Again, it was at camp (that place was really pretty evil) and my cousin was there (is there a theme here?). I don't even know the boy's last name (though he was my boyfriend at the time, whatever that means at that age). I was only like 11 years old, I think. And no closed-lip, oh no, for my first kiss he went straight for the Frenchy. I was traumatized. It was a kiss good-bye and I was on my way back to my grandma's trailer where my parents were. When I got there I felt all guilty and dirty. I was thinking, "Oh my God, they know I kissed a boy! I'm a dirty kisser!" Trauma. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Mine are up at myspace.com.brandiner

1) I have to, have to, have to wash my face ever night!

2) I don't like people to touch me with bare feet. I don't even like to look at them.

3) I love/hate watching that Home Edition show with Ty from Trading Spaces. It makes me cry everytime. CRY! Not get all teary-eyed but sob like a baby.

4) Sometimes I make food and then realize I am not hungry and throw it out. Such a waste.

5) Apparently, I have a twin in this city. Different people from different social circles insist we are identical. My goal for the next six months is to meet her and see what people think I look like. I am vain like that.