Depicting the Latest.

Here's an update as to what we've been up to lately...in picture form:

First of all, a few weeks ago Ted had a boys' trip to Myrtle Beach with his boyfriends from hockey. Those crazy cats decided that it was a "mustache required" event this year, so they all set out to grow a juicy 'stache. Ted hadn't shaved since the wedding, preferring to kick it with a full beard at work and then shave down to the mustache once he arrived in Myrtle Beach. Shave he did, and when he returned home on Sunday I couldn't help cracking up and snapping this shot. The 70's cop throwback sunglasses really complete the look, don't you think??

We rented a cabin in the mountains of Asheville, NC with our neighbors for Thanksgiving. It was rad--3 bedrooms, full kitchen, fireplace, big screen TV, and a hot tub. Sweet. We got up there Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. No one wanted to leave and we even contemplated putting our deposit down for next year.

A view of the gorgeous scenery:

Sign on the door of the corner store:

We took a drive one day and came across this pretty overlook:

Ted enjoys reading the graffiti on signs and we all got a kick out of this particular nugget as we looked closer:

The weather was perfect fall weather...a sweater and light coat was perfect for being outdoors. We found a great place to hike and got some cute shots along the way:

When we weren't out exploring we were playing games. Board games? Yes. But mostly? Nintendo. Yup. Old school NES. Paul and I got to reminiscing about the old Power Pad and the Olympic Track Meet game. All that's left to say is that we happened upon a used video game store and I'm about $60.00 poorer. The Power Pad? 8 bucks. Deal of the century. It works like a charm too...except I think I've gotten a bit too old for these shenanigans as I seem to have thrown my back out doing hurdles...


The Married Couple.

Ted and I are settling into the married routine and enjoying the post-wedding experience. I'd like to say that we have a lot of downtime now that the wedding is over, but to be honest we are busier than we were in the months leading up to the wedding! I think once Christmas is over things will settle down again, but Ted is convinced that we will be busy for the next five years. Oh Ted.

Here's a recent picture of "the married us."


Straightening Up.

We've finally got the house back into some form of order this weekend. We registered for a lot of new dishes and glassware for the wedding, but as the gifts began arriving we quickly learned that the glassware we registered for was too tall to fit in our cupboards. We solved the problem by ordering a hutch for the dining room. We weren't sure if it would fit and look good in there, but Ted put it together this weekend and we are both in love with it. It seems to really finish that room off. We're having a Christmas party this year and I can't wait to use all of our new fancy glasses!