Wildlife Adventures Continue

While waiting for the roofers to finish putting up the gutters this afternoon I spotted what appeared to be 4 hawks circling the woods just behind our house. I'm not sure if they are hawks, but they were big and loved just gliding along above the trees. It was pretty neat. Made me think of Donnie K--I believe his totem animal is the hawk.

In house news, it's all about odds and ends these days. They put up the rain gutters today. They finished off all the electrical outlets and switches. Still no lighting or smoke detectors installed though. They put some wood trim around things. They finshed the hardwood flooring in the foyer. The landscaper didn't come today either--perhaps he's waiting for the ground to dry a bit more. I saw someone doing the landscaping at another house down the street, so hopefully we'll be next. Everything is looking great.

What's left, you ask? Well, let's make a list of what I can see that's left to be done:
1. Stove installation
2. Lights
3. Carpeting
4. Repair bulging wall (don't ask)
5. Paint and trim touch ups
6. Replace french doors
7. Replace broken windows (again, don't ask)
8. Cement patchwork
9. Finish porch
10. Landscaping
11. CLEAN!

I'm sure there are other details that I'm not seeing that need to be taken care of. Even if they only did one thing a day, that means they should be done in 11 days, which puts us at the 21st. I think they'll have plenty of time to get everything done--and then go back through and fix all of the nit-picky things we point out! Everything else for the closing is in order. We've got our insurance. We've locked in our mortgage rate. We've got our money saved. Our pens are full of ink for signing billions of documents. My office is partly packed. The movers are ready. The fridge is ordered. Hurry up January 30!

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Anonymous said...

what's up with the sideways switch? how can you put a cover on it?