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Not Cool, Baby.

39 weeks today and still pregnant. Yesterday they threw around words like "Induction" and "At 41 Weeks," which means that nothing is happening and no one seems interested in holding their breath waiting. Which also means that I'm still pregnant and that the terrible pain I've been having seemingly has nothing to do with this baby preparing to make an appearance. I didn't know this was how it went. I figured I'd be a bit uncomfortable towards the end...tired and cranky mostly...and then I would start having pain and we'd get the bag and head to the hospital where I would have terrible horrible pain and then we'd have a baby. Not so, ladies! I have thought I was going into labor 4 times now, and basically this past weekend was spent in so much pain that I thought FOR SURE it was labor starting. So sure, in fact, that I contemplated calling my parents who are on standby and telling them to throw their suitcases and pills in the car and head on down south! But it was 7am, so I figured I'd let them sleep until I knew for sure and then I fell asleep finally and did not have a baby.

The point of my story? I'm still pregnant and it's starting to look like this may not be an August baby after all. I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that it will NEVER come out and will turn into one of those stone babies you see on the Discovery channel.


The Latest.

38 weeks today and no baby yet. We're not talking about that anymore. Must. Concentrate. On. Something. Else.

So, some pictures of what we've been up to the past month or so:

We saw Dave Attell at the local comedy club and he was high-larious. We love this comedy club because if you go and have dinner before the show you get priority seating...in a super small venue. So basically you get to sit a few feet away from the comedian. It's so much fun.

Teague & Mindy

The T-Bone and I

I have also managed to pack my bag for the hospital, but not without the help of our inspector Mortimer. He made sure I had enough socks and undies and that I wasn't forgetting anything.

Thaaaaaat's pretty much it. At all other times I can be found on the couch eating watermelon or pacing the house in the middle of the night wishing for an early labor. But we're not talking about that anymore.