The ugly vinyl flooring is totally my fault.

Well, I've finally found something I don't like about the house, and it's my own fault! When Ted and I picked the vinyl flooring for the upstairs bathrooms, we compromised and he let me have my choice. We were going to have his choice in the laundry area, but it turns out it's been discontinued, so they offered to put hardwood floors in there for free instead. When the vinyl I chose went into the bathrooms this week, however, I was not impressed with my decision. I'm not quite sure what I hate about it...I think it just doesn't "go" with the wood vanity and white sink/toilet. Looks like I'll just have to have a couple of rugs in there until we can afford to put ceramic tile in (a plan of ours all along anyway). Ted is very proud of himself for not liking this pattern from the start though, and I'm proud of him too! Yuck!

We stopped by the house on Saturday and did a quick walk through. They've started locking it now, so we have to get the key if we want to check things out when no one is in there working. The walls look great with another coat of paint. They still have a few areas of touch ups on the trim that need to be done, but overall it looks awesome. The dishwasher and sink have been installed in the kitchen, and the sinks and toilets are in place in all of the bathrooms. Hardwood floors are done except for in the foyer area. Doors have been put on, though there was a bit of a snafu with our much anticipated french doors. It seems the term "french doors" can be interpreted in different ways by different people. Ted and I were surprised to see two solid doors where we were expecting multiple panes of glass on the doors! The error has been communicated and they are replacing them. The kicker is that Ted and I specifically asked what the french doors would look like before we ordered them, and a 16-pane door was pointed out to us. "Two doors like that," we were told. At any rate, that should be fixed sometime soon. Landscaping is slated to occur tomorrow, but it's been raining here today, so it might be too wet for that to happen. The HVAC system has been all set up and all of the vent covers are in place. Looks good in there now that some things are being finished off.

Ted and I were errand-running fools this weekend. We made some key purchases for the house, the most important being our new fridge! I had no idea how fun it would be to shop for a refrigerator, but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed opening and closing all of the doors and ogling over the "egg areas" and "crispers" (for crispy things). In the end we went with the type of fridge we really wanted even though it cost a little bit more. My thinking? When will we ever buy our first fridge again?! Let's get what we want! We deserve it! I'm the queen of justification when it comes to spoiling ourselves...
We didn't go hog wild, but we got a very nice fridge that will keep our food cold and shower us with crushed or cubed ice whenever we feel sassy.
We also picked up a full size bed for all of our future visitors, so get your bags packed and your maps out!

Eek! Gag! Sputter!


mindy said...

It's not that bad - with a cute area rug down, you'll hardly notice it ;) Besides, you're getting rid of it anyway so you wouldn't have wanted something you actually liked there, or you'd never get around to tiling!

Everything is looking great, I can't wait to see how you guys make it a home.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for a few nights in that new bed :)