Please Remove Shoes.

The carpeting is done! I forced myself to stay away from the house since Friday. I figured not much would go on over the weekend and Monday was a holiday, but to my sweet surprise, the carpeting was completed and more lights were installed. They had the power turned on today when I drove up at lunchtime and our little outside lights were on and looking adorable. The landscaper pulled up while I was there and dropped off the bushes and trees, which he planted later in the day. With the landscaping done and those little lights on my heart just about exploded when I pulled up. Our little home!

It's getting closer and closer to being done. They have some paint touch ups to do, as you'll note in the pictures, and the place could do with a good vacuuming and some TLC with a mop, but it's coming along. The french doors are up, but still need painting and I'm hoping some door knobs or a latch or something. We had french doors in my parent's house growing up and it was a pain to close them because there were no handles on them. They look rad though...I'm glad we chose that little option.

So, today was an exciting day in the progress! I spent a total of an hour in there in my socks today padding around on the carpets and then the hardwoods and then back to the carpets again. The only thing missing was Teddy--he couldn't get there in time to see it today. We had to give the key back by five. Hopefully he'll see it in person over lunch tomorrow.


Katherine said...

How very exciting! Looks great!

Variations-Verisms-&Stuff said...

Yeah well, you know how Dad and I are about knobs on things. We don't have any on our kitchen cupboards or drawers, either! Maybe we just can't decide what kind we like, so we haven't gotten to it yet. But the house is looking very cute and cozy!