Tummy Time and Other Photos

You're apparently supposed to put newborns on their tummy every day for "tummy time" to help them build the muscles in their necks. He gets frustrated, but looks adorable anyway!

Kickin' it in "tummy time"

All of that exercise wore him out. He's such a snuggler!

Guy Smiley


Happy Sunday!


Weekend Outing

First things first, a better look at Brind'Amour's outfit from the other day because it's so adorable I can't stand it:

Today was a fun family outing day. We packed the boy up and took him to a huge used book and music warehouse and then we went to dinner. He was a trooper!

Enjoying the din of the restaurant

The proud parents...

Some things will never change.


A trip to Mom's Work:

I took Brind'Amour over to meet all of my co-workers today and we had a great time. It was fun to show off the little guy to all of the people that saw me carrying him the past 9 months!

All dressed up to show off at work!


Pictures for Grandma Pam!

Ready For Work!

Brind'Amour is all dolled up in his scrub gear that Becky got him and ready to save some lives!

Time has been flying by over here! It seems like the day is half over by the time I can get in the shower and get dressed! Yesterday we took a trip to see Ted in his office and show the little guy off--he was a hit!

Other than that we've been hanging around doing housework and yard work. Ted did some great landscaping over the weekend and I planted some flowers, so the yard it looking pretty nice. The weather is starting to cool down to "tolerable" down here, so we're definitely more interested in being outside.

Grandma Pam is looking for some more pictures of the little guy, so I'll make a point to take some today to post. In the meantime, here's one from yesterday that we sent to Ted at the office:

Also, here's one that Ted wanted to send to one of his crazy friends:

"My Boy's First Kielbasa"


First Bath

You're only allowed to give newborns sponge baths until their gross little umbilical stump falls off. Brind'Amour's finally came off a couple of days ago and so we finally were able to give him his first real bath tonight! He took it like a champ, though I figured he would as he has tolerated the sponge baths pretty well. He just sat in there staring at us as we tag teamed him with warm water and Burt's Bees baby wash. Then we got to wrap him in his little piggy towel to dry off. He was exhausted after the whole ordeal and is now sound asleep in his crib. Come to think of it, I'm pretty exhausted now too! Off to sleep...


Totally Cruel or Totally Genius??

We think it's genius.

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Baby Programming...

The big lug is 2 weeks old!! We call him "Stosh," a nickname given to him by my great Uncle Matt. When told his complex full name, Uncle Matt just wrote back in an email "We'll just call him Stosh." Everyone loved it...and he looks like a Stosh.

He was a Guy Smiley yesterday and I tried to catch him in action, but he was often too quick or too wiggly for a clear shot:

And this one was taken just moments ago:

Stosh Sleeps

We can't get enough of this little guy!


Sent to Dad at Work Today:


Shout Out to Grandpa B!

We saw these jammies and had to get them in honor of Grandpa B:

It says "To the Rescue" under the little fire truck. Too cute.
Busy Weekend

We had a fabulously busy weekend! My sister flew into town on Friday afternoon and was finally able to meet the little guy. My brother lives down here, so it was great to have both of them around at the same time. Saturday morning we hit the Farmer's Market, which I can't believe I've never been to before! It's awesome!

Brind'Amour gets some R&R after searching endlessly for the perfect eggplants

We went to dinner on Saturday night which would have been smooth sailing if it didn't take so long to get a table and to get our food. By the time our food arrived it was time for feeding and diaper attention for the little one, which left me looking a little disheveled...but it was still great to get out of the house and get a little dolled up. Sunday we hung out by the pool and did some shopping, then had eggplant parmesan made from the eggplants I got at the Farmer's Market. All in all a great weekend--I was sad to see it end. This is my first full week home alone with the tyke...so far so good! He's still sleeping great at night, so I feel fairly rested, and he weighed in at 9lbs 6 ounces yesterday! Beefcake!

My boy and I

Aunt Dria finally gets to meet her new nephew


Brind'Amour Wakes Up!

This is EXACTLY what I look like first thing in the morning...


Almost 1 Week!!

It's hard to believe that a week ago right now I was preparing for the worst and greatest time of my life. The whole giving birth gig was pretty much the most difficult thing I've ever done, but never has pain been forgotten so quickly. Today was my first day home alone with my little guy and we've been busy beavers, starting with a nice walk this morning so Mom could get some exercise:

Then it was off to run some errands, and now we're back at home maxin' and relaxin.' His napping skills are inspiring...and this compliment comes from a "professional sleeper" herself!

And here's a shout out to Dad, who had to return to work today. We're looking forward to the weekend!


Day 6

It's hard to believe it was only a week ago that I was still very pregnant and on the way to the hospital to get the ball rolling. The time flies by...it seems like we've had this little guy home longer than just a few days. All is going well on this end. We're getting some good sleep the past couple of nights and the days are spent taking quick outings and starting at his mug. We had a professional photo shoot this morning and decided to take some pictures of him ourselves after it was over. I want to play around with them in photoshop when I get a chance, but here's a cute one:

We started using cloth diapers on Monday and things are going really well on that end. We came home with a few disposables from the hospital and had a few on hand that we had been given and had nothing but blow-outs and were not impressed. Now we're using Gerber Birds Eye prefold cloth diapers with Bumkins diaper covers and it rocks our world. Just as easy as disposables, as far as we're concerned and we're not changing as many sheets. :)


Inherited From Mom:

Crooked toes. Poor little guy.


Healthy As a Horse

We had an appointment this morning with the pediatrician to check on his weight and jaundice. They made both seem like he was teetering on "problem," so we've been a bit anxious over the past 24 hours and were getting nervous that he wasn't getting enough milk. I barely slept last night and I won't get into details, but let's just say my night involved two strippings of all sheets, blankets, and clothing from the baby, one unbelievably poopy diaper, and witnessing my son peeing in his own hair. This was all, of course, after his first sponge bath earlier in the night.

So fresh and so clean...


At any rate, the big beefcake had gained 5 ounces and the pediatrician was actually surprised and impressed by how much he had gained. His jaundice is only mild, and coupled with his weight gain is not an issue at all. So we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and return home with the hopes of trying to get some sleep at some point during the day.

Home from the doctor

A shout out to the NC Medical Foundation!

Brind'Amour Gives a Shout Out to New York

We made this video the day after Brind'Amour was born in the hopes that we could post it for friends and family to get an action view of the little guy, but I was unable to get it uploaded at the hospital. Better late than never!



The three of us finally got to come home today and it has been wonderful. It's a much more relaxing environment and we have spent the day settling in...

First Family Photo

Dressed to kill for the car ride home!

Brind'Amour and Mom

Ready to roll out...

Brind'Amour and Dad

In the cradle Grandpa W. made

Sacked out with Dad

Lovin' being home...