Among the Elite!

As of 4:15 today, we are officially homeowners! The closing was at 3:00 today and everything went very smoothly. There were billions of papers to be signed, but our attorney was adorable and fun and made it super easy to understand. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me so I could ask him questions whenever I wanted. He wasn't too keen on that idea, to my dismay.

So, we took our keyring of about 8 copies of the house key and headed over to the new abode. We unpacked our cars in excited silence and would occasionally exclaim to one another from various rooms in the house. "I bought some plastic to put down on the rugs tomorrow!" I'd yell. "Where should we put this stuff?" he'd reply. We each only had a car full of items so it went quickly. Then we unpacked some of the shopping bags of recent purchases and arranged them neatly in cupboards or on the counter for easy access tomorrow morning.

Then we went to a hockey game.

But now we're home and ready to focus on the big move! The poor cats have been all tweaked out the past couple of days. They usually meow for attention and throw themselves at our feet when the want a belly rub. This morning they just sort of looked at me when I came out of the bedroom--like they weren't sure if they were ever going to see us again, or if this would be their last ever sighting because we were skipping town without saying goodbye. Poor things. I wish I could communicate to them that they are indeed coming with us, and OH THE FUN THEY'LL HAVE. Ethel will love peering out of the various windows and I'm sure will enjoy the new first floor views. Morty will love basking in the rays that pour in through the giant windows in the front of the house and will have a riot tearing around the living room, dining room, and kitchen in hellish circles. They have no idea how good they are about to have it, and instead mope about as if doom lurks just around the corner...

We need to be up at the crack of dawn to pack up the cats and bring them to the house. We'll then pick up our uhaul at 8 and begin packing the ka-jillion boxes in the garages. Movers will be here at 9 to pack our furniture into their van. We will then let them pack whatever else we get tired of packing. We'll then journey to the house and unload it all. Ted and I then have to coordinate picking up various large items from various stores and being at the house for the refrigerator delivery. It's going to be a crazy day, but I don't think I have to even say that I don't care because TED AND I OWN A HOUSE. THAT WE WILL LIVE IN TOGETHER. AND DECORATE HOW WE WANT. AND WE HAVE A YARD THAT WE WILL TEND TO WITH LOVE AND CARE. Did I tell you all that we are planning on winning "yard of the month" for as many consecutive months as the homeowners association will allow? Quite a yard it will be, we've decided. Just need to get that grass growing...

So, that's the update from Happy Town. Computer will be packed tomorrow and we aren't scheduled to be back online until Thursday. I'm planning on taking some pictures of the moving process, and since this blog has become some people's crack (ahem, John and Pam), I'll continue to post about the next phase: being a homeowner for the first time. Together we'll journey through the trials and tribulations of learning how to keep plants alive and figuring out how to fix things when they break. It will be a riot. So stay tuned!

Ethel and Mortimer contemplate their fate

All of that contemplating made them sleepy

Eilis and Stormy the Ice Hog (don't ask). Ted wanted his picture taken with Stormy tonight, but chickened out at the last second and pushed me in there. Classic.

The Happy Homeowners


Beekeebear said...

Hooray! So happy for you! Love ya both!

Katherine said...

CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the club, you'll love it! Hope everything goes smoothly with the packing/unpacking craziness, how much fun to fill all those new rooms!

Variations-Verisms-&Stuff said...

I won't try calling you as I know you have tons of things to do today, but I'm sure we'll hear from you when you get a few minutes! Congrats, live in the house in good health! Love, Mam

Don Wagner said...

Sparkcola coca cola, & tedinski --

congrats on your new ownership! good luck in the move and getting settled in. keep the porch lite burnin', daddy's comin' for an overnight as soon as spring break arrives. Make room in the garage for a red, Honda VFR sleep over.

Luv ya, paps

John said...
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Pam said...

I am wondering who you recruited to take the pictures of you two outside your front door as I know you like to hold the camera at arms length and snap away. ha ha Everyone else is wishing yu love and luck and I am wondering who took the picture!!!! Many happy memories of your first home together!! See you soon!!XOXOXOXOX