Brind'Amour rolled over today on his own! I know it may not be big news to most people, but for some reason I'm so excited! He was on his back on our bed and I was drying my hair in the bathroom. He could hear me talking to him and wanted to see me, so he started turning his head in my direction (I was behind him) and just rolled himself over! He laid there looking at me for a few minutes before he completed the roll by untucking his arm from under him and Ted and I cheered for him when he made it the whole way. He kind of looked at us like "What now, crazies?"

We also took him to the park today and put him on the swings for the first time...he seemed to have a riot! Not only swinging, but looking at all of the other kids playing.

We had a dinner party the other night and he was terrified of all of our guests. It was really weird to see since he goes to daycare every day and sees new people there quite a bit. But as soon as anyone tried to pay him any attention last night he started crying. True, he's been sick and had had a rough day, and it was bedtime, but I have a feeling he's entering some sort of stage where he's not too keen on strangers. He cried when a nice old man tried to talk to him the other day at Home Depot too. I hope it will just be a phase...

So, that's it on this end...I'm so proud of our little guy! He's getting so big and strong!