Weazie's Mighty Life List

Maggie Mason started a life list. I've been inspired by this. I started noting things in my head that I'd like to do in my lifetime, but it's getting hard to remember them all. So this blog will take yet another turn and be a place to document my list and to cross things off as I do them. Actually, instead of crossing them off, I'm going to highlight them. Here's to the memories...

1. Participate in a flash mob
2. Live in another country for a month or more.
3. Run a 5K
4. Run a 10K
5. Take my kids to their first theme park for their first rollercoaster ride
6. Live in the country
7. Start an organic farm
8. Raise chickens
9. Learn to knit
10. Learn to crochet like my Grandmother did
11. Make dresses for Eulie
12. Coach a team
13. Meet somewhere fun for a girls' weekend
14. Play ice hockey
15. Grow my own tomatoes
16. Lose this baby weight
17. Take Ted to Ireland
18. Take Ted to London
19. Pay off my student loans early
20. Take the kids camping
21. Take the kids to at least 5 National Parks
22. Go fishing in Alaska
23. Be in a play as an adult
24. Go to NYC on our anniversary
25. Do something with our current backyard
26. Participate in a protest against Monsanto
27. Switch to all green cleaning products
28. Switch to all green cosmetics/toiletries
29. Know how to make pierogi by heart
30. Train for and finish a sprint triathalon