It's Electric!

The wiring has been completed. We met with the construction supervisor today to go over some details and introduce ourselves (he took over for Chris Cooper recently). He's hoping to get the inspections completed next Wednesday. That will lead to insulation on Thursday and sheetrocking Friday or Monday. Everything is still on schedule for moving in the end of January!



The vinyl siding was added this week! It really only took the guys a day, but it appears that there is a pair of shutters that haven't been put on the front yet, so we need to look into that. The colors we chose look adorable, however, and all I can do is daydream about hanging a pretty christmas wreath on the door and stringing lights on some bushes out front. We'll have to wait a whole year to do that, but it seems to be the first thing that comes to mind what with the season fast approaching.

We head home tomorrow for a family wedding and early Thanksgiving. I'm hoping some progress will be made while we are gone and we'll have some wiring or something to check out when we get back. On a progress note, however, everything is on schedule and we are hoping to be moving in at the end of January!


News for the Peeping Toms

The windows were installed yesterday. It was so exciting to drive up and see them all in place. It looks a little funny with no siding, but I'm told that should go on in the next couple of weeks, then it will really look like a home to live in! They worked a bit more on the plumbing and air system as well. Electrical is the next step and then we will wait for inspections of those things to be done before they can move on. I'm told that all of this should happen in the next two weeks. Here's the latest pics, including an artsy attempt to show my excitement for the windows. There will be so much wonderful light coming into the house. Mmmmm...


Rough-Ins Begin

The heating/cooling and plumbing installation has begun. We hadn't been by all week and were able to see quite a bit of progress when we stopped by the house tonight. The roof has been completed and the plumbing almost completely installed. The bathtubs were even in place (and full of water!). The duct work for the heating and cooling has also been installed, so it was pretty neat to see how it runs throughout the house. I have no idea what the next step is. It looks like they have a little bit left to do in regards to the plumbing and air system. I imagine electrical is next...
I personally can't wait for the windows and siding to be done so I can get the real effect of a "home." Ted claims he won't be excited until we're actually moving in, but I know he's secretly giddy about the progress so far...