Easily the Best Day of My Life.

Our wedding was such a wonderful event. We can't stop talking about it and recapping. Everything was gorgeous...from the ceremony to the reception. We had the best time. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us.

We went to NYC for the week for our honeymoon, and as predicted, had a riot. We drove home on Friday to have the weekend to relax. Here's some photos of the trip. More wedding and honeymoon photos can be seen here.



We had an awesome wedding weekend. Here's a little taste of the festivities...


It's a Southern thing, apparently. *Gag*

Had to leave "The Bug Man" a sample of the critters we found infesting the yard the other day. The woman on the phone was trying to explain to me the visual difference between a flying ant and a termite but I couldn't stop throwing up in my mouth long enough to listen, so she just sent the guy out to look for himself. Looks like we are all clear, though giant mountains of flying ants don't make me very happy either. Ted wants to set the yard on fire to get rid of them. I think he's a bit of a pyro.


Still not nervous!

11 days to go! I forgot to mention in my last post that it's like Christmas over here! There are new packages on the doorstep almost every day! Sometimes more than one! One day I came home and there were four giant boxes on our doorstep. It's been awesome. Today at work one of my patients gave us this gorgeous ceramic platter. I'm so in love with it! It's totally me, and she doesn't really even know me, you know? So thoughtful of her. She also gave us some macaroons from this great bakery in the area, but I ate them. Don't tell Ted.

I also bought myself a present! I've been a fan of Camilla Engman for a year or two now, but have never been able to get my hands on any of her prints because they always seem to be sold out. There was this one with a red fox that I was in love with. Well, the other day she put some more in my shop and I was able to score a four pack of her prints. So fabulous! Can't wait to frame and hang them!

In other news, it's hockey season! Yahoo! Ted and I kicked things off last Friday at the 'Canes v. Penguins game. Good times were had by all...it's good to see the boys back on the ice.


Wedding Countdown: 18 days.

Wow, it's sort of lame that I haven't posted in so long, but I have been busy counting down the days until the wedding. There have been a few projects as of late that I've wanted to post about, but I would have to show pictures of things that would spoil surprises for Ted, so I had to hold back. At this point in the planning I feel like everything is pretty much taken care of and ready to roll. I've been feeling quite calm and ready for the big day to arrive. Ted and I keep talking about how everyone always asks "Are you getting nervous??" with a tone that suggests one of us is ready to bolt. I can say with complete confidence that the only things I'll be nervous about on the day of the wedding is walking down the isle without tripping or making a weird face in all of my pictures, and being able to take a deep breath in my gown without splitting the seams. Other than that? I'm sound as a pound and ready to go. Ted claims that if he was nervous about getting married then we wouldn't be getting married, which is a very Ted thing to say if you know him.
In regards to preparations, boxes are packed and stacked in my closet, dresses are ironed and ready to transport, gifts are wrapped, and supplies are organized and ready to be utilized. We have fairly busy schedules until we leave for the wedding, which is great because I'm so excited I'm might spontaneously combust soon. Some of the girls from work are throwing me a bachelorette weekend, so I have that to look forward to and will get out of town the weekend before the wedding so I don't stare at the clock counting down the hours.
So, that's it on this end! I may or may not have anything to say in the next 18 days, but will surely post pictures of the event when we get back!