Beach Trip 2009

We took Brind'Amour on his first vacation to the beach last week and had an absolute riot. He loved the ocean and the sand and we also spent some quality time in the pool. He's really loving swimming these days...I think he thinks he can do it all himself now because he pushes you away if you try to snuggle him on your shoulder...he only wants you to hold him on his belly in front of you so he can kick and paddle! Too cute.

We also celebrated Ted's 40th birthday while we were there. It was so nice to have a long relaxing family vacation together. Our first and only before we become a family of 4! Gah!

Brind'Amour is doing more and more every day. He can climb the stairs by himself without a problem. He's cutting his first tooth. He prefers the same food Ted and I are having for dinner rather than pureed baby food. He's babbling constantly and gesturing. You can tell he's trying so hard to communicate with us. His vocabularly consists of Da Da, Na Na (that's me), Kitty Cat, Oh my Goodness, Uh oh, Oh, and Oh God. It's hilarious. I think he tried to say chicken last night too, which was funny. He's not walking on his own, but loves to tool around with some assistance. He's preferring that to crawling these days. I'm looking forward to when he can walk unassisted...my back!

He just gets cuter and cute and more and more fun. We're having a blast with him.