Pushin' Along

There was one guy puttin' along inside the house today working on the sheetrock putty. He put the first coat on the arches and it looks awesome. Can't wait to see the finished results. Apparently he'll put a couple more coats on and sand it all down. This should all be done sometime Friday. Cupboards arrive on Saturday. Garage door next Thursday. Driveway in the first couple of days in January. We are scheduled to close on January 30...better start packing! Seriously, it really hit Ted and I the other day: we are moving to our own house...SOON. It occurred to us that after we get back from our Christmas trip the move will be less than 30 days away. There's so much left to be done on the house that it seemed like it was still very far away. I talked to Chad today and it sounds like a lot of things will be occurring on a daily basis over there. We should have some great pictures to show after the new year. Happy Holidays to you all!

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