Garage Door!

The garage door is on and really ties the outside together. They did another coat of paint inside today and it really covered the walls well and looks great. They had the floors and cupboards all covered up so I didn't bother with pictures today. The plumber comes tomorrow to get everything all hooked up. Not sure what else is on the agenda. I think doors will be going on soon because there was a guy taking some measurements in there today. Landscaping happens Monday! All is on track and Ted and I bought some packing tape and bubble wrap today with plans for packing in our minds. Mom and Dad are still in town and we went to dinner tonight, so I think packing will have to wait and commence this weekend. I had lunch with my parents today at the house and we walked around the neighborhood checking out the other landscaping to get some ideas. Chad told me that if I get over there on Monday when the landscaper is there I can ask him to put things in certain places, so that's cool. Ted and I have some ideas about what we'd like to do for some landscaping out front, so I need to try to get the guy to arrange things so that we can make those ideas work. A little over three weeks until moving day!

On a side note, the after Christmas sales are in full swing down here and Teddy keeps giving me looks as I come home with bags of goodies and make him guess how much it all cost. It's more to pack, sure, but if there is one thing I love in life it's a great sale.

Ta Da!

Mom and Pops enjoying the neighborhood

Donnie K inspects the progress of someone else's home

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