Bits and Pieces.

*Please note that I just spent many minutes of my Friday night writing an upbeat and cleverly funny post, only to erase it by accident. Now I'm sad and tired of typing, so this post is not at all what I had hoped and dreamed*

There's been more and more details taken care of this week. Lights have been installed. Shelving has been put up. Mirrors and towel racks are in place. Landscaping has begun. Electrical has been mostly completed. A bulging wall has been fixed. Smoke detectors are in place.

We met Mark the Landscaper the other day and he was more than happy to comply with our wishes for placement of the bushes in the yard. He showed us where the trees will go as well, which really is the best place for them. He spent the whole day tilling the soil and putting the seed down. Today he covered it all with hay. Trees and bushes will be planted soon.

The lights have been mounted on the outside of the house. This was a concern for Ted and I since the very beginning, as we noticed that half of the houses in the neighborhood had been mounted correctly (read: centered), while the other half were annoyingly off center. We called a special meeting just to discuss this issue. For real. It would have made Ted nuts if it was off center. At any rate, I'm over there every day nosing around so they made sure they were mounted correctly for us. The best part is, however, that they are so proud of themselves and made sure they pointed it out saying "We mounted them in the center for you! Just like you wanted!" As Chris Rock would say, "Whatchyou want, a cookie? They're SUPPOSED TO be mounted in the center!"

I briefly mentioned the bulging wall in a previous post. Basically they had sheetrocked around a pipe in our pantry, causing a bulge in the wall. They have since cut the sheetrock and shaved it down. They have more work to do on it, but I find the current pictures hilarious. It looks a lot better though.

Next week there will be more odds and ends. Chad is hoping to have some of the final inspections done, which is exciting. Once they get the power turned on and whatnot Ted and I will be able to have our final inspection as well. It will be so neat to see the finished product! I was having a nice daydream in the kitchen today which involved me baking things while wearing an apron. It should have been a daydream of me burning dinner and screaming as Ted calmly puts out the flames, as that would be a more realistic portrayal of my time spent in the kitchen. For some reason, however, a girl always thinks of baking when she is having a nice domestic daydream. And so I did.

Mark gets crazy rototiller style

Teddy inspects the outside lights

To our pleasant surprise, they are centered!

I'm obsessed with the idea of hanging out on these rocks in the back yard. You know, put some candles out there, enjoy a glass of wine on a summer night. We'll probably never do that, but I'm still in love with the idea.

Now these are french doors.

The wall that was previously hideous. Still a bit off, but better.

Click on this picture to see the larger version. The "NO" cracks me up and mystifies me. What does it all mean, Basil?

I call this "Self Portrait in Half Bath." Also known as "Hey, look! A mirror!"

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mindy said...

When's the move-in date???? It's gotta be getting close, it looks like a real house in there!

Love that embroidered jacket, btw.