Are You Sick of Baby Pictures Yet? You Better Buckle Up...

I know, I know, the kid's not even out of the womb. What can I say? We're excited over here! I had another doctor's appointment today with an ultrasound. This ultrasound tech was the coolest. She spent about 2 minutes taking the pictures I was there for and then about 30 minutes messing around showing me the baby from every angle possible. She was taking awesome 3D pictures which blew my mind...and then? She turns it up a notch with some 4D images...which are 3D pictures in live motion! I saw Baby B rockin' and rollin' and whatnot in there. It was so awesome. I tried to get her to let me take video on my phone but it's not allowed. T-Bone is totally jealous. BUT, she burned me a cd of about 30 images, some of which you can see below. Baby B is looking great and growing a mile a minute. Measuring right on time he/she was over 6cm long today! Crazy talk! I will be 12 weeks along tomorrow. Happy day!


Growing Like A Weed.

Baby B was rockin' and rollin' in there today. Ted says it looks like he/she is using a typewriter...he's already decided we have a novelist on our hands. You can see the wee one flick the umbilical cord a couple of times and then kick a foot out. Apparently my womb is good times. Who knew?