We started working on the programs tonight! Ted got the innards all printed up today and we got busy cutting and pasting when he got home from work tonight. We had a nice little production line going on and we're making quick work of them. We spent about an hour or so on them and got about 1/4 of them done. If we do a little bit each day this weekend we can probably be finished come Monday, which would be awesome. Now, for the unveiling...

The cover, as seen previously.

The insides all printed and ready to be cut.

T-Bone gets crazy exacto style.

Put together!

The caboose.



I just realized that I haven't posted in ages! We've been busy with wedding plans, and frankly, watching TV. We got cable hooked up again and I've been overdosing on Bridezilla, crappy reality TV, and Big Love. It's been awesome.

We have been doing some wedding things though. I've been making some fabulous to-do lists. The weird thing is that I had most of my first list crossed off, but had some additions to make, so I started a new one. The new one is much longer than the first...and I had accomplished so much! It's amazing how many little details there are that I'd forgotten about. Good thing they are written down now! Ted keeps complaining about the "list" I made for him...until I show him the 2 page list of my own and ask him if he wants to trade. (For real though, he's being a good sport in my "we're getting married in a month!" frenzy.)

Anywho...the latest?

In lieu of a guest book we will have something that I haven't been able to come up with a snazzy title for. "Wish leaves?" "Good Luck leaves?" At any rate, we found these rad paper leaves at The Paper Source and will lay them out on a table with a sign encouraging guests to write us a little note or sign their names on a leaf. Then we'll put them in a scrapbook to enjoy browsing through in the future. Can you dig it? I even found some cute little plates at Target to put the blank and finished leaves on. Fun!

Mortimer, my "helper," wants to get in on the action.


Baby Goodness.

We met our new niece Bryn this weekend and she is a bundle of adorableness! Congrats Dria and John!

Dr. Byrnes examines his newest patient

Everything looks in order and she gets the "all clear."