The three of us finally got to come home today and it has been wonderful. It's a much more relaxing environment and we have spent the day settling in...

First Family Photo

Dressed to kill for the car ride home!

Brind'Amour and Mom

Ready to roll out...

Brind'Amour and Dad

In the cradle Grandpa W. made

Sacked out with Dad

Lovin' being home...


Anonymous said...

Awww...too cute!!! He's got his arms up, sleeping the way his uncle beaner always did! i hope they get to be fishin' buddies!

Mom T said...

OMG-he is destined to be either a basketball player or a high jumper - he's all arms and legs. Can't wait to meet the kissable little doll.
(Love the coming-home outfit).

Beekeebear said...

He's a tie-dyed tree-huggin' hippie already! I love it. God bless the Greensboro arts & crafts fair, huh? Got baby and daddy all decked out!

And with legs like that... he's a goalie! (Just like Mommy!)