Brind'Amour: Day 2

All is well here at Camp Baby B. I've been discharged from the hospital, but little Brind'Amour has to stay another day. They've moved me to another room that we can stay in tonight, but are basically on our own. No more ringing for the nurse to bring some ice water...
I spiked a fever during labor and they drew blood cultures on the little guy to make sure he does not have an infection. It appears only cautionary at this point, as he has not had a fever or a white count, nor have I, and he is doing very well. If the blood cultures are negative in the morning, I expect we'll be able to take him home. I'm disappointed that we weren't able to go today, but at least they aren't making me drive to the hospital every 3 hours for feedings.

He's been a little sleeping burrito today, so there aren't many action shots to share, but there is plenty more to come once we get him home I'm sure! We have a video of him to post, but I haven't been able to upload it here at the hospital yet, so that will be coming soon too.

Thanks to all who have checked in and have been thinking of us...

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