Healthy As a Horse

We had an appointment this morning with the pediatrician to check on his weight and jaundice. They made both seem like he was teetering on "problem," so we've been a bit anxious over the past 24 hours and were getting nervous that he wasn't getting enough milk. I barely slept last night and I won't get into details, but let's just say my night involved two strippings of all sheets, blankets, and clothing from the baby, one unbelievably poopy diaper, and witnessing my son peeing in his own hair. This was all, of course, after his first sponge bath earlier in the night.

So fresh and so clean...


At any rate, the big beefcake had gained 5 ounces and the pediatrician was actually surprised and impressed by how much he had gained. His jaundice is only mild, and coupled with his weight gain is not an issue at all. So we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and return home with the hopes of trying to get some sleep at some point during the day.

Home from the doctor

A shout out to the NC Medical Foundation!



Anonymous said...

It appears as tho you 2 have a new plaything and his name is Brind'Amour-thanx for cranking out the pictures and info-video is terrific!! What do the cats think of this new creature??? Are they hiding under the bed?

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Little B is beautiful! Love all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

The cats are just now beginning to show their faces around the house again. We didn't see them at all for a solid two days.

Jaime said...

Love the photos and video. And love that baby boy! What a cutie!!!