The 4th.

We finally took the bike ride we've been wanting to take for over a year! Ted got all crazy, I think it was last summer, and spruced up our bikes for us with the idea that we would take fabulous bikes rides together and get some good 'ol fresh air and exercise.

Then, we forgot or something.

When we moved into the new house Ted mapped out the local neighborhoods and found some nice bike riding areas that we could get to without crossing or riding on any main roads (people down south have no idea how to drive safely). We bought a bike rack when we were organizing the garage and our bikes have been neatly racked and ready to ride for months.

Again, we forgot. Or didn't feel like it.

A few weeks ago we took them down off the rack one night and rode down our road a little bit. It was dark, so we didn't go far, but it was enough to give us a taste of what we were missing.

We finally took a real bike ride today, for about an hour, all around our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. And it was awesome. It was gorgeous out today. A bit on the hot side, but with a breeze here and there, and there are a lot of little hills around us, so once you got some speed you felt pretty good. We both had our ipods on and we just cruised around, street to street, checking out the local yards and homes. It was really fun. There were a couple of beastly hills on the way back and I actually had to sit down in the garage and catch my breath when we got back home. We were all excited about the fun and exercise we had and kept remarking how we were so glad we went and couldn't believe it had taken us so long.

Then we passed out on the couch.

It was classic.

Ted shows off the 'cycles

Ready to Roll

There were, of course, fireworks in our town tonight, so we grabbed some blankets, stopped for our favorite milkshakes, and headed downtown to catch the show. It was nice, as always, and we got the itch (as we often do) to set off our own fireworks show when we got home. During the beach camping debacle of June 2007, Ted had picked up one of those giant packs of fireworks that they sell in the grocery stores down here (you New Yorkers don't know what I'm talking about, but just imagine one of those cellophane wrapped display cases of assorted fireworks you can get at the roadside stands as you drive through the southern states). We set up the new camera that doesn't belong to us, moved the cars out of the driveway and got to work. It was a nice little show and we had ourselves a riot out there. I even had some morning glories and sparklers for nostalgia, and it went down pretty much as it did when I was young: I'd light one or two of them off, watch them burn, and then get bored with just one at a time and start lighting off a box at a time. Needless to say, our show didn't last long.

All in all, a wonderful 4th of July. Hope y'all had a good time too.

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Beekeebear said...

We had a bike ride scheduled for the 4th, too. We'd planned to go down to Letchworth! But the all-day rain and predicted thunderstorms killed that idea. We've rescheduled for Saturday!