They aren't kidding about flight delays.

We spent too many hours to count in airports on Sunday trying to get home. Flights were delayed and cancelled all day and ours kept getting pushed further and further back. But they weren't cancelled completely and we really needed to get home, so we stuck it out. In the Syracuse airport we found out at 4pm that our 5:15 flight was very much delayed. They gave us a "wheels up" time of 9:15pm. But you weren't allowed to leave the terminal, because if they got an earlier time they would leave without you. So everyone just sat there. For hours. They closed all of the eateries around 6pm, so you couldn't even get a beverage or some food. It was BORING. And, of course, we didn't leave until after 9:10pm. Ugh. We made it home in the very early hours of the morning. I guess we can be glad we made it home, but still. We were exhausted.

At any rate, Ted had a good time at his reunion and I had a riot hanging with the fam. It was gorgeous weather--perfect for hanging out poolside. I also got my trial hair run taken care of for the wedding and it came out a billion times better than I had imagined! So, that was cool.

Here's some highlights of my portion of the weekend:

I came home for lunch the other day and went inside my closet to change. Mortimer was sitting in this basket on the higest shelf in there...just looking at me like "What?"

A cute one of Mindy and Teaguer

Teague and Friends

Bella showing off, and quite possibly traumatizing, a frog she found

G.B. Dub basking in the glow of everyone together for the weekend

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