New Art.

I've been collecting a bunch of different prints to frame and hang throughout the house, and finally got a few more put up the other day.

This first one totally reminded me of living and going to school in London. I finished up 3rd grade there in the 80's and the majority of our curriculum focused on World War II. We learned quite a bit about propaganda and the local war campaign posters that talked about how "Careless talk costs lives."

Poster from 1939 "Careless Talk Costs Lives" campaign

I have been fascinated with the World War II era ever since and even took a Nazi Germany course in college. While surfing the internet a couple of months ago, I ran across this poster at this bookstore and was reminded of my days in London studying the war. I immediately purchased it and hung it in our "old time tribute" hallway outside of the loft.

There's a little history about the poster at this site, along with other products for sale with the slogan on them.

Ted and I have sort of a "Japanese Art" theme going on in our bedroom, and were thrilled to find some pieces to add to our collection at a poster store in Philly. As soon as Ted saw this print, he had to have it.

I am totally in love with Matte Stephens' art and have been eyeing his Etsy shop for awhile. I finally decided that I needed to get myself one of his prints before he totally blew up and I couldn't afford them anymore. Besides, he had this one of the coolest owl, and as y'all know, I've been into owls lately. Love it! I want so many of his prints...I really dig his style.

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