Late Night Nikon D40 Action

Our sister-in-law Mindy recently bought a Nikon D40 digital camera that makes life just that much better. When we went camping last weekend we got to play around with it a bit and have fallen in love. We can't spring for it right now, but luckily Ted's work place needed a new camera for the magazine photos. He somehow convinced them that the Nikon D40 was the camera they needed. Which means he also needs to learn how to use it. Which also means that I get to learn how to use it.

It's very late right now and we just got done tag teaming our wedding invitations. There are a few more bits and pieces to finish, but the majority is done. The sight of our invitations basking in the glow of my office lamp made me feel all warm and fuzzy and called for a Nikon moment:

I'm so looking forward to October...

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait for October either :)