Things That Rock.

In no particular order...

1. Ebay. I was doing some wedding research and found a boatload of sparklers on ebay. We'll light these after the reception in lieu of blowing bubbles or throwing confetti (or whatever is deemed appropriate to throw at a bride and groom these days). We were at a wedding in Baltimore where the guests all lit sparklers as the bride and groom left the reception and it was so pretty.

The Sparklers and Me.

I also found a boatload of matches to light the sparklers with. I was going to just buy a ton of matches at the grocery store, but then I found these plain white matches on ebay and thought "Hey! How about another project?!" I plan to decorate them with some sort of stamp. Maybe a leaf to go with our fall theme, or perhaps a "B" in honor of my new last name. My mom looked at me as if I was crazy and Ted wondered aloud if I should give myself another project. Contrary to popular belief, however, I don't really have much that I can do for the wedding until it gets a lot closer. And I'm DYING TO DO THINGS! So now I have a little project. It won't last me very long, though, because when I get excited about projects I don't rest until they are completed in full. It will be fun though.

There's plenty more where these came from.

2. Etsy. Again. I found a woman on there who makes these adorable little gift tags and got her to custom make some in our wedding colors for the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts. A necessity? No. Adorable? Yes. And ridiculously affordable. She was all excited to get a custom order too. Good times were had by all.

3. Kitties. 'Nuff said.

4. Zappos. Did you know that I've always wanted to learn how to tap dance? Some of you may have. Some of you have seen my great pretend tap dancing that I do when I'm happy about something. Well, my dodgeball team couldn't get it together this season, so I don't have a spring extracurricular activity going on. Ted has hockey is going to take guitar lessons. I am going to take tap lessons. I can't wait! I ordered my tap shoes online YESTERDAY from Zappos and they were at my door when I got home from work TODAY. Free overnight shipping. Free returns (though they fit like a glove). They are seriously the greatest shoes I've ever owned. My fake tap dancing sounds a billion times better with real tap shoes! Who would have thought?

They Make Me Happy.

So Much Fun!

5. Other people's misfortune. Oh, I know, I know...it sounds terrible, but hear me out. I got a call from Frigidaire the other day. A different woman than the one I have been dealing with. She states that they have received my packet regarding my claim, but she has one question for me.

"Do you still own the unit?"

I could feel my blood boiling already. It was ALL. SPELLED. OUT. IN. THE. GIANT. PACKET. I. SENT. YOU.

"If you would READ the information in the packet I sent you, you would know that I DO NOT OWN the unit anymore," I remarked in the snottiest voice I could muster.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Wagner, but we just received your packet on the twenty-eighth and I haven't had time to read it yet."

Then why are you calling me??

"I just received a message that there is another person complaining about that refrigerator and I wanted to find out if there was some sort of mistake."

I went over the story with her and explained that the fridge had been returned to Lowe's, who then had it serviced. I couldn't help to throw in one more dig.

"As you'll see in the packet, when you get around to reading it, Lowe's had it serviced by an outside service center and to the best of my knowledge, it was repaired. The service report is included with my paperwork."

It turns out that Lowe's has now sold the refrigerator to someone else and they are having problems with it too! I'm not sure of the nature of the problems, but it looks pretty good for us that the thing is now giving someone else trouble. So, anyway, bummer for the new owners, but great news for us! It will still take 4-6 weeks for liabilities to read my packet and give me an answer though. They are dead to me.

Well, there's my list for today folks! Not too much going on in regards to the actual "house," per se, but lots going on! It's rainy here and I haven't had a chance to do any more planting. It is supposed to warm up in the next few days, so hopefully ol' Green Thumb Weazie can get down and dirty gardening style soon!

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