Ted Wields Multiple Gardening Tools Over the Kingdom of Weeds

We spent a lot of time in the yard again this weekend. We cruised the garage sales on Saturday trying to find a lawn mower or weed whacker, but were unsuccessful. We stopped by Lowe's and picked up a cordless weed whacker and sped home to charge that bad boy up...the portions of our lawn that are growing were getting unruly. While Ted was busy taming the weeds, I was raking up the straw and rocks strewn about the yard. And are there rocks. Billions of them. Some ginormous. Most, just annoying.

It was another gorgeous day today, so we decided to get some more done in the yard. The ground here is super dry and our grass has come up very patchy. We've been encouraged by our neighbors to "keep at it," proclaiming that theirs looked just like ours when they first moved in. They all have fabulously luscious yards now, so I think we'll take their advice. We were off to Lowe's again this morning and the two of us watered and raked and seeded the bald spots on the lawn. We also got some "seed accelerator" that seems to be some sort of fertilizer. That went on the lawn too. Then we watered and watered and watered. We'll need to be pretty strict with our watering schedule over the next couple of weeks and see if we can get this grass to grow. I'm not sure if there is any rain the forecast, but that would help too.

Ted shows a rock who's boss

Hulkin' it.

Happy homeowners still enjoying the novelty of yard work.

Portrait of the bald spots

After the seeds and fertilizer

I finished some sewing projects this weekend too. I made some scrub caps for work and some gifts, but also got a chance to make a small cushion for the deacon's bench my dad made me when I was a girl. I'm in love with the fabric and have some more on the way so I can make a table runner for the coffee table with it. Yay!

Donnie K's creation gets some TLC

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Beekeebear said...

Maybe your lawn is sensitive about you blogging about its receding hairline.