I've been totally slacking about posting lately...mainly because I've been enjoying coming home and relaxing instead of unpacking and cleaning! All is going well at the abode and we are settling in nicely. We've got our routines down again, which is nice. I'm excited for warmer weather so we can get outside and do some landscaping stuff. We still have a some organizing to do in the garage, which I think will be one of my weekend projects. I want to put up some shelves and really get things straightened up and put away. I bought a bike rack thing for our bikes this weekend (which we noticed was on sale as we perused the Sunday paper that was delivered to our door), but have yet to put it together. Given my track record with putting things together, however, perhaps I'll be able to persuade the man of the house to do so. He kept himself busy on his day off last week fixing my bike for me though, so I guess I should probably take the initiative on getting the garage cleaned up. He even tried to salvage my rusted chain by cleaning it with a toothbrush for me! So sweet!

I've decided to start a new hobby--screen printing. I have a kit on the way in the mail and will hopefully be making my own fabulous cards and shirts soon! I'm so excited. I kept seeing all of this cool stuff online that other people are making at their houses and got totally jealous and feeling inferior in my creativity. I found a great "how-to" article online and am obsessed with trying it. She makes it sound so easy!

In floor news, we are still waiting for one estimate to come back (that reminds me I need to call that guy) and are also waiting for the service report from Lowe's. I'm supposed to have all of this to them in 30 days, which is quickly approaching. I have a feeling that's how they'll get me...I'll get the stuff to them on the 31st day and it will all be null and void. Gah.

We went to a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game tonight and hung out in the Duke Luxury box for what will most likely be the last time (tear...). Ted's new job starts in March and we can only hope that they have a luxury box and will give us tickets to it. We shall see. It was fun while it lasted though.

I've joined the homeowners association yahoo group and recieved the following urgent message the other day. Uh oh. Problems on the Neighborhood Watch (NHW, in cool homeowner lingo) homefront!

Please be ALERT!!!!

Just as an FYI, I was informed this morning by Beverly,
Coordinator of Argon Hills, that one of her NHW Signs was found
upside down on the pole. Someone had removed one of the bolts and
apparently was trying to take the sign. We have lost one sign already
in Argon Hills between August and December. I just
wanted you to keep an eye out on your signs.

Teddy has diligently been standing guard...


Katherine said...

If you were in NY, I'd say you should probably check our garage for that missing NHW sign! ;)

Pam said...

Gee, you both look great! thanx for the recent picture-who was holding the camera at arms length? hahahahaha.........it is so good to be reading the Lot 52 blog again!!! Would love to attend your house warming!!!