Our friends Jackie and Jeff were due to fly in Friday afternoon. Jacks called me at noon saying that the weather was too bad and their flight was delayed. Due to all of the delays they would miss thier connection and there were no other flights with any openings for them. So, they drove! I figured they'd get here around 10 or 11 that night. They ran into the I-81 debacle in Pennsylvania, however, and didn't even make it to Philly until 7pm! Poor things! They drove the whole thing anyway and got here about 3:30am. To my surprise they were up and dressed before Ted and I the next morning and in tip top shape. The four of us ventured out to some local shops and got some eats. We then wandered around the Duke campus for a bit and our friends were THRILLED to meet some of the crazy undergrads that camp out for free tix to the games. We even got to go into Cameron Indoor Stadium and take some pictures while it was fairly empty. They had tickets to the Sunday game and had an absolute riot in thier sweet courtside seats. We did a bit more exploring the rest of the weekend along with a lot of catching up and hanging out. It was a really great time and I was sad to see them go. It was so nice having another couple to pal around with! I've tried to describe to Jackie how pretty the Sarah Duke Gardens are in the spring, so hopefully they'll come back soon to check it out! Here's some pics from our adventures:

Haven't done much house-wise lately, but it's been a welcomed break. We've caught up on some movies and have finally been able to enjoy just "hanging around the house."

It was gorgeous weather down here today and I was able to finally retire my winter coat for a bit. I got home from work, put my stuff down, and saw that it has started raining out. It came as a bit of a surprise because the sun was still shining away...which can only mean one thing: A RAINBOW!! Ted and I ran outside and saw this beauty right outside our door. After a couple of minutes it turned into a double decker!

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Beekeebear said...

Ummm... is that an optical illusion, or is there a crooked house at the corner of your street?