It Was A Day.

So, Ted cleaned up the puddle while I got on the horn with Lowe's. They directed me to the service center. They couldn't send anyone until Tuesday. They directed me back to Lowe's. The appliance guy directed me to the Assistant Manager. He offered to upgrade us to a stainless steel fridge and deliver this afternoon. All seemed well. When Ted and I started cleaning out the old fridge this afternoon, however, we noticed that the hardwood floors are already warping. Now, I knew that these were pretty cheap hardwood floors, but we didn't have a choice in the matter and I was just thrilled to have something that resembled the real thing, being the first house and all. I was not, however, expecting them to completely warp if they get wet. To be fair, it was a standing puddle of water, but Ted and I didn't go to sleep until 5am this morning, and I know there was no puddle there just before that hour. I stepped in the puddle at 10:45 this morning. So it's not like it was sitting there for days. At any rate, the floors in front of the fridge are ruined. 5 days after moving in. So classic. It appears from the literature that it will be covered under warranty, but I have yet to fight that battle. I'm going to call the builder tomorrow and have him come look and tell me what to do. The biggest concern is the future of these floors. How do I clean them if the warp when they get wet? Many questions to be answered. Needless to say, most of our day was spent dealing with the fridge issue, and now whenever I look at the floor in the kitchen I die a little inside. Ted kept me grounded today, thankfully, or I would have had a total kicking and screaming meltdown I think.

Just. Died. A. Little.

I can't look at it anymore. It's killing me.

The bane of my existence.

We had so many busy errands to run the past couple of days that I feel like I didn't get anything done, but in reality there are only a few unpacked boxes left so we've done quite well. We finally got the master bedroom situated after a house hunt for the screws to put the bed together. I did a great job preparing them in a nice plastic baggie so they wouldn't get lost, but then couldn't remember where I had put the damn thing. My biggest fear was that I had left it in the capable hands of the movers, which would mean it got dropped or lost or thrown away somewhere along the move. I finally found it though and we can sleep in a somewhat organized room tonight.

We put the mailbox that Ted's mom made for us today and it looks so cute! Thanks Pam! I love it...

Our boring "before" mailbox

T Bone gets crazy with his cordless drill

Ta Da! So cute!

The cats are settling in well. Mortimer spends 99% of his days staring out the windows. I thought he was only up there when he saw a bird outside, but today I saw him sitting in the same spot for hours watching the leaves blow around. He's such a weirdo. Ethel spends her time walking on window sills and sleeping.

So, as I said, we've made some progress. We still have quite a few pieces of new furniture to put together and have yet to completely set up the living room and loft, but we can move around easily and the place looks somewhat presentable. We had some friends over Friday night and they loved the place despite the mess. It was nice to know that we aren't just biased admirers of this place (despite the floor debacle)!


mindy said...

The dresser looks fabulous! And I love the shower curtain too.

Very sorry to hear about the fridge fiasco, your mom told me the whole story yesterday. PFFT. Shame on Lowe's.

If it's any comfort, we routinely ding and dent everything up the minute we're finished making it look perfect, but we comfort ourselves by saying "well, it's meant to be lived in"....

So, 5 years from now you can look at the squidgy spot on your hardwoods and reminisce about these frustrating first few days in your new house. By then you'll be able to laugh about it ;)

Variations-Verisms-&Stuff said...

I wonder if you might put several coats of polyurethane on those floors and make sure it gets into the seams really well, to avoid the possibility of future mishaps, once the warped pieces are replaced?