We've been working day and night unpacking boxes and arranging things. Just when we get a room "finished" and cleared of boxes, it's time to pull boxes out the garage or another area we've got them piled up. Then there's the shopping runs to Target, Walmart, and Lowe's. It's been a riot though and it's coming together nicely. Here's some shots from the first couple of days. Much progress has been made since these were taken, as illustrated by the stack of empty boxes that I documented today.

We wake up every morning with new sore muscles. This morning was better than the previous days as I was able to actually take a few steps as soon as I stood up. On previous mornings I cried out in pain as my calf muscles felt like they were tearing. I counted 26 separate bruises on one leg the other morning and every time I wake up it seems there are more. Apparently I'm a clumsy mover...

Oh, and the freezer doesn't seem to be working. It feels cold in there, and the ice machine is working, but our food is not very frozen. We discovered the problem today when we went to have some ice cream and found it to be slightly soupy. We adjusted the freezer setting earlier today and there has been no change so far. The instructions say to wait 24 hours, so that's what we are doing. Then we may have to get on the horn with Lowe's again. Ugh.

We're having an awesome time though. We love it here so much!

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