Operation Domestication!

We went to Lowe's together Friday night (the new date night?) and got a bunch of supplies for our weekend projects. I was feeling sassy and wanted to paint two rooms (my office and the half bath) this weekend and Teddy wanted to finish up some shelving for his office. We found a hundred dollars worth of other things we needed, of course, but left feeling like true home owners and ready to tackle some tasks. Sometime after midnight, I had already painted the majority of BOTH rooms (I told you I was feeling sassy) and Ted had installed and filled his shelves.

Saturday was spent running errands (I love Craig's List. We got a weight bench and weight set for 40 bucks. Perfect condition) and then we finished tackling some projects at night. I made my first ever set of curtains to finish off the bathroom and I love them! Some lines aren't straight (How do you get a perfectly straight line with a sewing machine? I'll be going along just fine and feeling good, but then I start to think "this shouldn't be this easy, this line shouldn't be this straight," and all of a sudden things go awry and cockeyed.) but all in all in think they look good for my first try! I've been eyeing the fabric I used for these curtains for months now. I loved it so much, but had no idea where I could use it. My sister-in-law Mindy told me that it's always best to pick your fabrics for a room first and then match the paint to it, rather than trying to find a fabric to match your paint choice. So I took her advice and wandered around the Lowe's paint section with my fabric. Ted wasn't thrilled about my color choice for the bathroom while I was painting, but likes it now that it is all pulled together. He gave me creative authority in regards to decorating the half bath, so I didn't have to worry too much when he said he didn't like the color, but I'm glad he likes the finished product.

Ted helped me mount my office shelves to the wall so they don't sway under the weight of all the crap I keep on them and I must say it was very easy and works great. I told Ted I'm glad he's around with knowledgeable suggestions, otherwise I would have watched my shelves sway until they broke.

I got the inspiration for the color of my office from a picture of an office in a magazine. That office had all white furniture in it and a gorgeous and super expensive flowered rug, but this is the best interpretation of it I can afford. Green is my favorite color and this shade rocks my world. I still have some more white accents to add and have to make curtains out of the same fabric that the bedspread is made of, but so far am pleased with the way it has turned out.

Well, it's time to get back to work. I've been in slow motion today and there are still a billion things to get accomplished before our guests arrive on Friday!


mindy said...

Wow, you guys have been busy - gotta love a girl who is not afraid of strong color! The blue in the bathroom looks fantastic. I actually thought about doing something like that but decided it was a little too modern for our house. Perfect for yours, though!

The great thing about the green/white scheme is you can just paint everything you bring in there some type of white to match. So you can use all sorts of crazy thrifted things and they'll all "match" :)

Great job, guys!

John said...

Teddy better put down his drill and get back to work, we miss him on the Duke Farm! Love, Scotty and John