Operation Domestication Part Deux

It's 1:34am on Friday. I should be sleeping. Instead, I just got done hanging curtains. Ted and I took a wee bit of a nap after dinner (read: passed out until after 9pm) so I had a lot of catching up to do. I battled with a Target console table for a good 2-2.5 hours, and still had cleaning and organizing and curtain hanging to do! I think Ted has officially banned me from putting things together, but fortunately, I think that was our last project for awhile. When we first moved in together he used to pick on the majority of my furniture because I would get tired of putting things together halfway through and it became very obvious. Screws and nails would be crooked, pieces of wood would be haphazardly put in place. When putting together the armoire for the bedroom I even omitted some pieces and just threw them out. This boggles Ted. I try to explain that I just wanted the armoire to put my TV on, so I didn't care if the shelves inside of it were put together correctly. Or at all for that matter. He just shakes his head and calls me "Geri Junior."

At any rate, he had a book report to write for school tonight and our new console table arrived today, so I decided to have at it before he knew what I was up to. Before long I was grunting and groaning and breaking things and denting wood. I finally finished and realized I had put the backing on backwards...so the ugly cardboard color was what you saw when you looked at the shelves. I think it was at that point that he seriously banned me from putting things together again. I was able to fix it though, and I think it came out pretty good despite my mishaps. A little wood wax stuff and you can't really even see where I gouged it with the hammer (in 3 spots). I fancy myself a carpenter.

So, our company arrives tomorrow (weather permitting) and the house looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I made curtains for the guest bedroom last night and hung them tonight. I think they are adorable and I love the pattern, though I was just informed by Teddy that our friend John isn't too keen on it. I informed Teddy that he is no longer invited to sleep in the guest bedroom. He's demoted to the futon now. The curtains were made from another bedspread that I bought (got them at Urban Outfitters) and it was super easy to make them because most of the edges were already trimmed. Gotta love that.

In home disaster news, we got our first estimate for repairing the floors today. Well, the lady came by to check it out anyway. She says there is a small chance that the damage could get better with time, but also said that the wrinkling could cause the wood to wear faster in that area as well. She's going to type us an estimate for the repair though. Oh! Get this! I got the letter from Frigidaire yesterday, and along with photos, estimates, and the service invoice, they also want the ACTUAL PART that was broken. Have you ever heard of such a thing? They also politely "invited" me to take the matter up with my homeowners insurance. I'm going to politely decline this invitation. I have a snarky letter to Mary already written in my mind. What a pain this whole thing is. Of interest, however, Glenda from the floor place said she's going to put in a claim to the floor manufacturer too. I'm not quite sure if this means she thinks they'll pay for damage, but whatever floats her boat. She also said it's pointless to get another estimate, as that company would not have access to the dye lot information and if they used wood from another dye lot it would totally be noticeable. That's not going to fly with Frigidaire though ("Glenda said I didn't need a second estimate...") so we're going to get one anyway.

Okay, I seriously have to go to bed. It's no good cutting people on only a few hours sleep...

Here's some pictures of finished rooms!


Variations-Verisms-&Stuff said...

"I try to explain that I just wanted the armoire to put my TV on, so I didn't care if the shelves inside of it were put together correctly. Or at all for that matter. He just shakes his head and calls me 'Geri Junior.'"

Hey hey...watch it, Byrnes! Them's fightin' words!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what she's talking about!

Don Wagner said...

I know what he's talkin' about. What's up Willis? And, I LOVE THE CURTAINS! Can I sleep on something other than the futon? dkdub