Warming the House.

Tomorrow (or later today, rather) is our housewarming party! I've been baking and cooking for the past couple of hours to get a head start on the morning. Really looking forward to hanging out with some people outside of work. Sounds like we are going to have around 30-40 people! I hope it's nice so we can go outside too...

In preparation for the party I did a bit more with the outside of the house. The front porch really needed some sprucing up, so I tried my hand at making some planters. I found this pretty hard as I was going into it with no idea what to do. I asked a woman at Lowe's for some suggestions and she started rattling off garden jargon and plant names and I had no idea what she was talking about. I pieced some things together and all in all I think they look pretty cute. I'm not sure if they will survive, but at least they will look okay for tomorrow.

I got a couple of great gifts from Jackie in the mail yesterday, one of which was this awesome switch cover that matches the framed poster we have in the living room. Thanks Jacks!

Last, but not least, I put the finishing touches on our master bathroom with another piece of artwork and some new colored glass bottles for the window in the shower.

Finally got the plumbers back over here, after a week of battling with them on the timing of it. They will only service homes between 8:30 and 10:30 M-F. They would not budge on that, and I refuse (and am not able) to take time off from work to meet with them. Finally the builder sent their building supervisor to the house to meet them and he locked up when they were done. Apparently the replaced the upstairs toilet, but did nothing about the valve. They swear to me that there is nothing wrong with it and that I shouldn't have any more problems. It's an exhausting story to tell, but the bottom line is that I have a feeling we're going to have a problem again. All I can do is wait for it to happen and call again. Perhaps this time I'll have to pull out some Teddy Baron (my grandfather who was notorious for sticking it to the man) attitude. For now the plan is to have everyone at the party use the downstairs toilet so the plumbers have a sweet surprise waiting for them when the go to check the valve next time...

Stay tuned for party pictures!

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mindy said...

Hey there, hope you had a blast at your party, the house is looking great!!!