Weekend Extravaganza

An abbreviated portion of "the fam" are on their way south as I type. They should arrive around 7 or 8 tonight. "They" consist of my mother and father, sister, brother-in-law, and 3 year old niece Bella. They'll stay through the weekend, head off to their vacation spots, and then return next weekend on their way back home. We'll certainly be maxing out our extra space with 5 house guests, but it's looking like we've got plenty of room to accommodate. Mom, Dad, and Bella will sleep in my office/guest bedroom while Dria and John will sleep in the loft. We still have Ted's office and the entire downstairs! We're missing Teague and Mindy, but had they decided to come to town as well, there would be plenty of room for another air mattress. Looking forward to their arrival.

Got another floor estimate this morning. The woman tested the moisture in the floors and said that, though there was some moisture, it wasn't really enough to prove that there has been damage to the wood. She said that we must have cleaned up the water quick enough to prevent it from getting into the wood. She said that it's common for those floors to warp like that and then regain their shape as they dry out. We have residual ridges in the wood that you can see at the correct angle and feel if you run your hand over them. The first company said that it wasn't too bad either, but that those ridges could wear down faster than the rest of the floor causing a problem in the future. The woman this morning told us to give it another month or two and she thinks they will be back to normal. She also is the second person to say that they would have to rip up the majority of the floor to fix that one spot. So now we are stuck with the dilemma of "to fix or not to fix." I hate to give up on my Frigidaire quest (though it would be some welcomed peace) in case they don't go back to normal and we want them fixed down the road. But I also don't want to rip apart half of the kitchen and worry what the floors will look like when all of that is done. Will they match the rest of the floors? I'll be so angry with myself if we go through all of this and the floors look worse in the end. Any suggestions or thoughts?

A couple of pictures to post. I don't think I've posted any pictures of our bedroom now that we have some art up and the bed is actually made (thanks Ted!). Also, a shot of the loft transformed into a guest room.

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