Saturday Errands

We ran a few errands this morning and then decided it was time to get the garage in shape. It has been in various stages of organization since we moved in, but seemed to have blown up in the past couple of weeks with various projects we've gotten into out there. Ted put together the bike rack for us to store the bikes off of the ground and it is perfect. I hung a shelf to put the portable DVD player on in front of the treadmill (running for 30 minutes is so easy when I have an episode of Will & Grace to watch) and we basically got things put away. We still need to get some big shelves to store things like paint cans and other cleaning supplies, and we'd like to come up with some sort of easy work shop set up that doesn't take up too much space. I found this idea in Ted's new subscription to The Family Handyman:

The Family Handyman seems like a good little magazine so far. Some great ideas with "how-to" instructions and illustrations.

We had a nice heavy rain the other night and our sad little starter yard is finally sprouting a bit of grass. Yay! It's still not picture-worthy though.

Here's some pics of the garage. I forgot to take before pictures, but believe me, this is much better. Still some work to be done, but that will require some $ and a trip to Lowe's.

In other news, I got this message from the Home Owner's Association. Ted and I are all about it:

On April 10, 2007 through May 17 from 7-8:30 p.m., the Police Department will be hosting our annual Citizen’s Police Academy. This year’s program is structured a little differently. Each division of the Police Department will have an active role in this year’s program. You will also have the opportunity to ride with an officer from Uniform Patrol. I am interested in seeing if we could have at least two representatives from each community. If you would be interested in attending, I have attached a copy of the application. If you have any questions, please let me know. This academy is now only offered once a year.


Pam said...

Well, the garage looks great-better than his bedroom ever did!!!!('Cuse me for being such a mother!!) The other comment I want to make about your local police academy is "Reno 911". Have fun, I can totally see you and Ted doing that. They aren't issueing guns are they??

Anonymous said...

Who's that guy in your garage!!! Wow....you DO need a neighborhood watch!!!

Anonymous said...

If they don't issue guns, I'll bring my own.

Variations-Verisms-&Stuff said...

That all started when Matt Wagner took you in the NYPD car in the City that time.