Arbor Day!

My parents got us two red flowering dogwood trees to add to our yard! Ted and I "walked the yard" together and decided to plant the little guys to the left of the driveway to give some sort of border between our yard and the neighbor's. I was all gung-ho about planting them yesterday, but it was a bit chilly outside and I soon discovered that the shovel I bought wasn't going to dig through the rock we have in our yard. I made multiple trips back into the house pathetically shouting "planting things is hard!" up the stairs to Ted. He was busy with his own work though, so I gave up and watched a movie instead. I felt inspired on my way home from work today because of the nice warm weather, so I stopped off at Lowe's and picked up a pick axe. It worked like a charm and I had the first tree planted before Ted got home. He helped me with the second one and we were done before I knew it. What seemed to be a daunting task after my first attempt yesterday was actually quite fun and I'm looking forward to doing some more landscaping in the near future. I think our little dogwoods look adorable and I can't wait for them to bloom. Now, I just hope I planted them correctly and they will grow in our crazy terrain...

Our two new little friends

The obligatory "before" shot

The don't call me "Green Thumb Weazie" for nothin'!

Getting a drink

Planted and ready to grow!

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