The Getaway

When we found out I was pregnant in December we started planning our last getaway as a couple before the baby comes and ruins everything. Ted has been dying to take me to Pensacola, Florida because he used to live there and really loved it. We decided to take a long weekend trip and had been looking forward to it for months. Time was taken off from work, bags were packed, the gas tank was filled. I was just waiting for Ted to get home and throw his stuff in the back so we could head out. As we did a double check of the cats, we realized Mortimer hadn't been around in an hour or so. I saw him when I got home from work, but hadn't seen him since I had packed up the car. We started the house search, as he usually gets himself locked in a closet or hides under a bed. He was nowhere to be found. I had been closing the door as I went in and out packing the car, or so I thought. We checked the back yard, his usual hangout. No Morty. We tore the house apart. We drove around the neighborhood. We went into the woods in the back yard calling for him. We got the neighborhood kids involved. Still nothing. We had hoped to get on the road by 6pm with dreams of making it to Atlanta for the night. Around 8pm it was starting to get dark and we had no idea what else to do. After posting on the neighborhood web group that he was lost, calling the animal shelter, and leaving some provisions and instructions with our neighbors, we left town. I was really sad and felt so horrible knowing that it was me who left the door open enough for him to escape. Poor Ethel was crying for him when we left.

We made it to Atlanta at 2am, checked into a hotel, and got some shut eye. We both woke up with Morty on the brain but figured all we could do was wait. Just as we were getting on the road we got a call that he was found: he had made his way back home and was staring at Ethel through the back door window crying. Our neighbors scooped him up and returned him to his sister. We were so happy he was found and that we could stop worrying about the big lug.

Anyway, the point of my story? When we were in Pensacola we went to a book sale and found ourselves in the children's section. I picked up a random book to flip through it, and guess what page it opened up to?!

How hilarious is that? We cracked up.

Anyway, Pensacola! It was fabulous. We had such a great time hanging out together and just enjoying a little time away. We stayed at a gorgeous Victorian Bed & Breakfast, which I highly recommend if you are taking a trip like this sometime. We always stay in hotels and, though they are fine, there was something so much more satisfying and fun about staying at a B&B. The woman in charge was super nice and made a mean breakfast.

We kept ourselves busy the few days we were there: we went to the Naval Aviation Museum, the beach, a crawfish festival, out to lunch and dinner, a flea market, a book sale, took a walk on the pier and watched the fishermen, walked around downtown, met up with some of Ted's friends, and saw a movie. It was a really great trip. I'll leave you with some pictures:

Ted enjoys 3 pounds of crawfish. For real.

Sorry for the gross kissing picture, I just think this is so cute.

We loved this old school Pensacola Beach sign that greets you

For those of you bugging me for pregnant pictures, here's a "not so embarrassing" one. :)

T Bone on the beach

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Anonymous said...

Eilis~ you look great pregnant! So does Ted! It was great to see your vacation pictures! Hope that Morty learned his lesson-he had a scare!!