John Pinette is Hilarious.

For my birthday we went to see John Pinette perform at our local comedy club. My sides hurt from laughing so hard. Ted and I remember him from his "Chinese Buffet" joke back in the day. He didn't even do that bit last night and we were rolling the entire hour. This comedy club is an awesome venue to see comedians because it is fairly small...we were about 10 feet from the stage...and John came out to the bar afterwards to sign DVDs and chat. He's is super friendly and was kind enough to take a picture with us, which I'll proudly display below. If you ever get a chance, be sure to see his show. He has quickly risen into my top 5 favorite comedians of all time.

Ted, John Pinette, Eilis

Eilis's birthday dinner

John Pinette: "Chinese Buffet"


mindy said...

That is one kick-ass birthday, and you're one beautiful birthday girl. And your hubby's not too shabby either. ;)

Anonymous said...

You both look great!! Happy Birthday!