Quilt Bindings are Torture.

I caught a sewing bug this weekend. I was reading some blogs online this past week and saw some really cute quilts that people had made. I ordered a book on machine quilting from Amazon, but then found seemingly simple quilt instructions in Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing" book that I had on hand. Mindy got me some adorable owl fabric for my birthday and I've been trying to think of a way to utilize it for the baby. Once I saw those quilts online I knew I had found my answer. I made a trip to Joanne's on Saturday and got the supplies I would need. The book also had a pattern for some baby bibs and I have tons of cute fabric lying around that was just the ticket, so I got the rest of the supplies I would need for those too.

I started off simple with the bibs. They were super easy to make and Ted had to finally tell me to stop for fear I would fill up the house with bibs. I figure you can never have enough bibs, however, so I'll probably make more in the near future. Behold:

Adorable, no?

I got rolling on the quilt soon after and was exclaiming about how much fun it was and how easy it was turning out to be! "I should have been quilting for years!" I would yell from my sewing area, to no one in particular. Then I got to the binding. Oi. The binding. I couldn't understand the directions in the book, but thought that I was on the right track. I finally got frustrated around 11:30pm and called it quits. I picked back up today and decided to do some research on the subject. I found more written instructions that made no sense. Then, I stumbled across a video from Expert Village that actually shows you how to do it. Eureka! But I realized I had done it ALL wrong and had to rip the whole thing off and start over. Since then I've been sticking myself with pins, burning myself with the iron, and cursing. It's still not a very well done binding, but it's done and I don't think it's half bad for my first try. I don't think I'll quit my day job though. :)

The finished product

A close up of the owl fabric Mindy got me

My favorite part! I made that big owl all by myself! I love him!


Anonymous said...

Awww, that is super cute. Love the owl on the back. That looks like the blanket he/she will be carrying around like Linus ;)

BJ said...

i love the blanket too!!!

A.E. Baxter said...

Wow, that owl is SO cute! Was this the quilting binding video you used?

Anonymous said...

I think the sewing/quilting/knitting gene by-passed me from Gram and got you! Great stuff!