25 Weeks!

Here's the latest pictures and videos of the almost 2 pounder I'm growing. I'm getting kicked as I type this...probably with THIS LEG:

Okay, take my word for it: this is a little miniature version of Ted's leg. Look at the musculature! The shape! I swear I'm looking at one of T-Bone's gams. So cool.

A nice profile shot with a little arm up by the face.

This is video I took with my camera today. It's just like the profile picture above, but video of it. At the beginning you'll see the baby's mouth opening and closing...probably taking big drinks of amniotic fluid. Then she'll scan down and show the feet. Toward the end you'll see some movement and hear me comment about how I felt it. Good times.


Anonymous said...

Awesome ;)

I'm a little disturbed by the duck in your uterus though. Are you seeing that? At least he/she is giving it a good kick!

BJ said...

Seriously! You have a bird and a baby in your belly!