The Weekend in Review:

I've spent quite a bit of time sewing since my new machine arrived. My latest creations are as follows:

A new shirt for myself that was a nightmare to make and therefore has a lot of wobbly lines and went through many seam rips. Ted's comment was "Well, you're still learning!" which really meant "Oi. Don't wear that in public." Oh well. E for effort.

Ethel checks out the new cat bed I made the kids

Morty settles right in

And a nightgown for Bella. Toddler clothes are fairly easy so she is getting spoiled with presents from Aunt Weazie as of late.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house while Ted did yard work. It's been hot as hell down here (as it's been pretty much everywhere else) and we haven't had rain in ages. Ted and I decided that trying to keep our lawn alive was wasting more water than we could stomach and our yard is basically burnt to a crisp. We probably could have done a bit of a better job with the bushes and trees, but even with watering they still are looking like this:

I've basically given up until the fall. So has everyone else down south. You need to have a boatload of time and money to try to keep a green lawn in this heat.

We also put our wedding invitations in the mail on Saturday! I wanted to do a crazy photo shoot with a veil on and such, but Ted wouldn't participate. He did come to the post office with me to drop them off though, so at least we did it together. Even if I didn't get to wear a veil. :)

We had a BBQ Saturday night with a few friends and had an absolute riot. It cooled down enough in the evening to sit in the back yard and we chatted away for some time. Our friend Justin marinaded some awesome chicken and watermelon was consumed in large quantities. It was a great time.

Today was spent lounging around, though we did actually shower and go out to dinner and the bookstore, so that's not bad for a lazy Sunday.

And now for the obligatory self portraits:

Trying to get T-Bone to smile. It worked!

Hope y'all had a great weekend too...

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Anonymous said...

I think the shirt is very pretty! Maybe it just needs some pressing to get the seams to lie flat? I'll show you how to "finish" things when you come home! But really, I think you inherited Gram's ability with sewing, knitting and all that. It must have skipped over a generation...bounced on my head a couple of times and kept on going!