The Programs

I've been obsessed with perusing the wedding magazines ever since we got engaged. Of course, the best magazine for getting great DIY ideas is Martha Stewart Weddings. I came across the following program idea a couple of months ago and Ted and I fell in love with it. Though the letterpress example in the magazine is gorgeous, we knew we could make something ourselves without having to get a print shop involved.

After doing some research and pricing things out, we got some "Poppy" colored cards from The Paper Source and I designed a cover in photoshop. Just finished printing them and they look great! Once we figure out a few more details about the ceremony Ted is going to do the layout of the inside and we'll have it printed on 11x17 paper. Then the tedious part of folding the paper and gluing it to the cards will begin. I think the end result will be awesome and a bit unique though.

Names have been deleted to protect the innocent...

Only 70 days left! Invites go in the mail next week!