Birthday Coming Up!

My sister is having her baby, a little girl they will name Bryn, on Wednesday! In preparation for her arrival I made this little onesie (my sister-in-law Mindy made an embroidered onesie for Bella back in the day and I thought it was such a cute idea) for her:

It's been wedding central over here this weekend as Ted and I work on crossing things off the "to-do" list. I'll spare you a photo of my office but Ted claims "it looks like a bomb went off in there." Imagine that in your mind and then double it. I really have blown it up in here. But there are a lot of black marks on my list, so we're making progress.

More RSVPs have rolled in the past couple of days which makes me excited beyond belief!

One last picture of what the cats have been up to while we busy ourselves with wedding projects:

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