57 Days!

We got our first RSVP in the mail today! I was wondering how long it would take before they started rolling in. My two Great Aunts are old school though, so it's no surprise theirs was first to arrive. I'm so glad they'll be attending!

What other wedding related things am I up to? I thought you'd never ask! (For those of you still hoping for house related news, better check back after 10/20. Perhaps then we'll have the time/money/energy to do something more with the house!)

Well, I decided about a week ago that I wanted to embroider a handkerchief for myself to carry with me in church. I'm a "crier" (to quote Wedding Crashers) and should probably have something to keep my tears and makeup in check. Ted has warned me not to cry because "you'll ruin your makeup..." and apparently he doesn't want to wed a crying fugly girl. However, I'm putting money on him welling up at least once too (the big softy) and I'm a girl who always likes to be prepared. At any rate, I decided I better learn to embroider if I want to embroider my initials into a hanky. So I got a sweet kit from Sublime Stitching and it rocks my world. I opened the kit when it arrived the other day and had this little tea towel embroidered in under 2 hours. They make it super easy to learn and hook you up with all sorts of cool iron on patterns that you can use. Easy as pie.

Those that know me well know that I'm a fairly impatient broad (perhaps even those that don't know me have sensed it?) and I tend to just want to get on with things already. So I decided to just do my hanky even though I hadn't done many letters yet. I didn't care for the letter stencils I had, so I drew my (soon to be!)initials and the little heart freehand and then embroidered them. It came out okay, though I could have centered it a little better. But it's hand made and exactly what I was looking for...a nice keepsake for generations to come (provided I don't slobber on it too much during the ceremony).

I'll leave you with a little teaser photo of something else we've been working on for the wedding:


Beekeebear said...


I looked at your hanky and I was like, "Um, you're supposed to make your LAST initial the big one in the middle, not your middle initial."

Wait for it... wait for it...

Then I got it. Ba duh.

Eebee Weebee Beebee!

I swallowed a bug.

randi said...

Your hankie came out cute! That book seems to be a good one as I have seen it around the blogophere quite a bit.

Happy wedding planning!

Beekeebear said...

PS--We got our invitation on Wednesday. They look AWE... SOME. Yay! I put my RSVP right in the mail on Thursday. So, it's on its way. (By the way, in case you were wondering, I AM coming. Tee hee.)