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Our camping trip with Teague and Mindy was a success! It was gorgeous weather without a cloud in the sky. We didn't even bother setting up the canopy as we could tell it wasn't going to even think about raining. Needless to say, our camping gear survived this trip without problems. Teague and Mindy arrived in the early evening Friday and set up camp. Ted and I rolled in around 11:30 that night and we all sat around the campfire catching up. Saturday brought an excursion to the local flea market, which was a riot. We all found some wonderful treasures to pack into our cars and take home. We spent the rest of Saturday hanging around the campfire talking and grilling. Thanks to Teague and Mindy for picking up some Snappy Grillers, our favorite camping food from Syracuse! We even got to bring a package home and let the deliciousness continue!

We stayed at the Harper's Ferry KOA in Harper's Ferry, WV, which turned out to be pretty much exactly half-way for each of us. As Ted and I pulled in our driveway tonight I called Teaguer up and they were just pulling into Canastota. It was a really nice campground (though expensive as far as camping goes) and was the perfect meet-up spot. And you really can't beat the flea market. I think it was the best one I've ever been to. At any rate, if any of you New Yorkers ever want to meet up for a weekend camping trip with us, this is the place to do it!

Some pictures from the weekend:

Ted dons an early birthday present from my parents

Eilis and Ted make faces for no particular reason

Teague and Mindy at the flea market

Teddy and Teague check out "the coolest toy gun ever."

The Crew.

A few of our fabulous flea market finds:

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mindy said...

That was a great trip - and our flea market finds were totally out of sight. I can't get Teague off those drywall stilts! The owl room is going to be fabulous :)