Weekend Events

We had a great weekend! We were invited to a BBQ at our neighbor's house on Friday night. There were 4 other young couples there and we had an absolute riot! We couldn't believe it when we looked at the clock and it was 11:30...it was sad to see the party break up. We met some great people and hope to get together with them again soon.

We've actually become fairly good friends with our neighbors Paul and Stephanie. They came with us to see a free concert in Raleigh on Saturday night and we had a great time. We have plans to go camping at the beach with them next weekend which should be a blast. It's fun to finally have some other couples our age to hang out with!

We spent some time in the yard Saturday afternoon. We've made a little more progress with the grass, but still have some patches. Ugh. It's rained a lot today, so we're hoping that helps things along a bit as well. I hooked up my little gnome sprinkler finally. I've had it for years, but have never hooked it up to a hose. I was pleased to see it works...so cute!

Click on the photo to see a larger view of the lawn progress

The gnome sprinkler!

Ted gets busy in the dust bowl...

And now for the gratuitous cat photos:

When we returned from Philly we found that Morty had developed an addiction. We are planning an intervention.


PAM said...

the picture of Morty and Ethel in Ted's orange chair is a beautiful shot of the both of them

Beekeebear said...

That pic of the cats in the chair looks like one of those old-timey, turn of the century family portraits where they posed with one person sitting and the other standing behind them, both looking all serious. You should put it in sepia tone and Photoshop in some hats and a rifle.

Sandy said...

I absolutely adore the cats!